Personal Counselling

I have supported clients with a range of issues in particular:

Anxiety and stress is the feeling that you are physically, mentally or emotionally overloaded because the demands of life seem greater than your ability to cope.  External sources of stress may include one-off traumatic experiences, general day to day pressures of life or challenging relationships. More common are internal stressors: those private thoughts and feelings that intrude into our daily activities and undermine our ability to function in a healthy, well balanced manner.

Low self esteem is often at the root of anxiety and is maintained by the unfavourable way we interpret our role in the experiences and interactions of our life. A negative self view tends to be automatic and habitual and often we do it without awareness. Ultimately it leads to the adoption of strategies for living that don’t support a healthy self view or confidence in our abilities.

Childhood issues: When early childhood experiences continue to have an adverse impact on our current thoughts, feelings and behaviours it affects our personal well being and our relationships. Acknowledging the influence of past experience on current issues can sometimes be an important part of moving forward.

Change and transition: Sometimes we feel ‘stuck’ in life yet opening ourselves to a different way of approaching our issues can be daunting. While we can’t change who we are we can change how we respond to the world, and with support to identify key areas that require a fresh approach and the strategies to implement and maintain life changes it doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.

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