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                                                How do I work?

People can sometimes find it difficult to let go  of old patterns of thought even though they undermine their attempts for a more satisfying existence. In my experience when my clients begin to adopt a more accepting attitude towards their life a fresh spirit of enquiry and curiosity is stimulated that guides them towards a better understanding of the meaning behind their experiences. Understanding alone doesn’t always bring change for we can all be creatures of habit! If in spite of greater insight you still feel stuck in familiar unhelpful patterns lasting change can be encouraged through motivation, support, respectful challenge, and the development of coping strategies. 

London South Therapy

My practice is based on an integrative approach which means that I draw from a number of therapeutic models and theories that serve as particularly useful tools for understanding the complexities of the human condition. I believe it is essential that we work in a way that feels accessible and right for you, and so the therapy is a collaborative process in which we develop a shared understanding of the issues and agree the best way to address them.

Much of my work is based in the ‘here and now’
exploring how personal expectations and values can influence how we respond to experiences and the sense we make of them. Sometimes it is also useful to reflect on past experiences and how they influence and inform current thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Whether we are working on the present or past I feel the best way to approach those aspects that you judge to be unacceptable or difficult in some way is with an open and compassionate stance. It is only from this non-judgmental perspective that we can begin to have an honest dialogue with the very aspects that cause pain and confusion.