Feeling unsatisfied in your personal Life

Our need for love and friendship is often influenced by the attachments we forge in the early stages of our life. These early relational experiences shape our expectations and can influence the relationships that we encounter later in life. If you are unable to form satisfying relationships I can work with you to identify unhelpful patterns of thought, feeling or behaviour that impact your personal life so that you can begin to build and maintain healthy relationships.

A relationship has ended
You need help to come to terms with a relationship that has ended through separation, divorce or death. When we experience the loss of a significant person in our life we can experience a range of emotions, some expected and others less so. Counselling can provide support when you most need it and help to make sense of these feelings.

In a relationship but attending alone
You may be in a relationship but wish to attend the sessions on your own because your    partner is unwilling or unable to accompany you. This arrangement can still be useful because changes in the understanding or behaviour in one partner will influence the relationship as a whole. On the other hand you may want to attend sessions on your own because there are concerns about yourself or your relationship that you feel more comfortable to openly discuss in confidence with a trusted professional.​

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Relationship Counselling for Individuals

Caring Experienced Counselling


  It’s not just couples who seek out help with their personal life. Whether you are       single or in a relationship but choose to come alone, talking things through with     an experienced relationship counsellor can help you move forward.

 Common issues that are brought include:

  • Fear of commitment
  • Attraction to people who make us unhappy
  • Unsatisfactory ‘repeat patterns’ in relationships
  • Personal problems around intimacy (emotional or physical)
  • Confidence issues in relating to others
  • Coming to terms with a relationship that has ended
  • Concern about a current relationship